Research Meals, Diets & Feeding Studies

Bionutritionists are experienced in the design and implementation of test meals and research diets to provide a specific nutrient composition for a study. The Bionutrition Research Kitchen is specially equipped and the staff is highly trained to prepare and serve meals and to document their consumption.  Test meals of specific nutrient composition can be served on a timed schedule.  Research meals can be served at any CTRC unit or can be packed and sent home with a participant.  

The Bionutrition Unit is especially skilled at the long-term provision of research meals to participants, also known as Feeding Studies.

Research Meals are packed and sent with participants for home consumption for any length of time, from days to months. Diets can be designed for weight management gain or loss, with regular monitoring and adjustments by bionutritionists to ensure goals are met. An ad-lib feeding study, where food in excess of the participant's weight maintenance needs is provided, can measure the affect of a diet on food consumption.