REDCap is user-friendly—fast and easy to set-up, web-based, and secure—ensuring data quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

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REDCap offers a secure, web-based application designed to support data collection and data management for research studies and includes the functionality to build and manage online surveys (similar to Survey Monkey).  Also, REDCap is designed to comply with HIPAA regulations.  

The REDCap feature set includes the following: 

  • Stream-lined process for rapidly building a database or online survey
  • User-friendly interface for collecting data
  • Audit trails for tracking data manipulation and user activity
  • Multiple surveys in one project
  • Exports to common statistical packages
  • Advanced functionality, such as branching logic, file uploading, and calculated fields

With guidance from OCTRI Informatics Research Support Staff, each study or research team sets up and designs their own REDCap project to meet the needs of their study. 

REDCap was developed by Vanderbilt University, and they continue to oversee its ongoing development and the implementation of new features. The REDCap Consortium is comprised of over 600 institutional partners in over 50 countries. It supports a web-based application designed exclusively to support data capture for research studies. Currently over 1,000 studies spanning numerous research areas utilize REDCap.  To learn more about REDCap, come to a REDCap Tutorial Session. No registration is required – drop-ins are welcome!

Using REDCap at OHSU

  • Training: Each REDCap project must have at least 1 individual from a study team that is responsible for creating and setting-up the project.  This person must attend a REDCap Tutorial Session.
  • Online Help: Online videos and help in REDCap are for supplemental purposes and do not replace REDCap Tutorial Sessions.
  • Study Data: A REDCap project must have a status of "Production" in order to contain subject data.  Only test data should be entered in projects with a status of "Development" and all test data in deleted when a project is moved into production. 
  • Surveys: REDCap survey functionality should only be used to capture data entered directly by study subjects.  If study staff are enter data from paper completed surveys it is not necessary to set up a survey. 
  • CFR Compliance: REDCap is not 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Protects Patient Privacy: All data is stored on a secure server at OHSU and all transmissions (whether wireless or wired) are encrypted with industry standard SSL (AES 256-bit encryption).

Advantages of REDCap

  • Secure and web-based. Input data from anywhere in the world with secure web authentication, data logging, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
  • Fast and flexible. Rapid development of data collection instruments and surveys.
  • Multi-site access. Supports data collection from multiple institutions and enables sites to view only their own data.
  • Mid-study modifications. Modify your study database at any time during the study.
  • Data import functions. Data may be imported from external data sources to begin a study or to provide mid-study data uploads.
  • Export survey results to common data analysis packages. Export your data to Microsoft Excel, SAS, STATA, R, or SPSS for analysis.
  • Save your survey or forms as PDFs. Generate a PDF version for printing in order to collect responses offline or create source documents.
  • Data queries.  Document the process of resolving data issues using the Data Resolution Workflow module.
  • Advanced features and functionality.  Auto-validation, branching logic, and stop actions, double data entry, blinded entry, automated survey invitations.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about this service or schedule a data management consultation, contact OCTRI Informatics Research Support

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