Designing a Study

Designing a study? Need statistical support or consultation with one of OCTRI’s experts? Submitting a grant proposal that includes OCTRI resources? OCTRI provides the following support and resources for researchers who are designing a study.

Design Studio

Design Studios are set up to maximize the success of OHSU's early-career investigators by giving them feedback as they prepare grant proposals.  OCTRI invites members of the senior OHSU research community plus interested partners to listen to a short presentation, ask questions, and provide feedback. See dates and learn more here.

OCTRI Lab Resource

Resource Lab is a meeting involving OCTRI program managers who are able to provide operational guidance for a research proposal development or to assist in implementing a project at OCTRI. This resource is available for projects that are:
1) Investigator initiated and intend to use services across multiple programs or
2) Investigators who are new to clinical research or the institution who need some guidance related to the logistics involved in preparing their proposal or getting a new study started on campus.
For more information and to talk about scheduling a Resource Lab contact the Clinical Research Navigator at (503) 346-3540. 

Human Investigations Program (HIP)

The Human Investigations Program offers an integrated clinical and translational research education curriculum, such as courses in Clinical Research Design and Proposal Development. See course descriptions here.

OCTRI Research Forum

The OCTRI Research Forum offers monthly, noon-time seminars that highlight practical topics of interest to clinical and translational researchers, such as faculty development, grant funding opportunities, and research resources. See dates and learn more here.

Data Management Consultation (REDCap)

OCTRI can assist researchers in determining the best solutions for their data management needs. Explore options here.