Community & Population Research Consultation

The OCTRI Community & Practice Research program provides consultative assistance to investigators on the methods and logistics of community and population research. Studies that involve community-engagement vary significantly, and there is no single template that can be applied to even a  majority of projects. There are, however, best practices and established methodologies that experienced investigators and research staff can share with researchers who are seeking advice on a community or population-based study. For example, consultants can:

  • Assist investigators in incorporating principles of community-engaged research into study proposals and designs
  • Advise on issues of recruitment and retention
  • Suggest strategies for obtaining informed consent in diverse and underserved populations
  • Consult on methods for the analysis of community and population-based data

Request a Consultation

For more information on community & population research consultation services, feel free to contact Stefan Shearer, OCTRI Community Program Research Assistant.

Additional Resources

Below are some tools that we hope will be helpful to individuals interested in community engaged research. Let us know if they are useful to you – submit feedback to or anonymously through this web site.