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Preparing Samples for the Tissue Bank OCTRI has a wide array of resources to help investigators and research staff plan and implement successful research studies.

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OCTRI Research Services

The Research Navigator Program connects researchers with OCTRI resources and research services by providing high-quality, efficient and knowledgeable assistance to investigators and research staff.  OCTRI helps investigators looking for collaborators, designing a study, obtaining regulatory approval(s), implementing a research study or evaluating data.

In addition to request for research services, the Research Navigator Program is also the point of contact for letters of support, cost estimates for grant applications. OCTRI letters of support include a general description of the resources that OCTRI provides and comes from Director Eric Orwoll,M.D. 

Investigators who plan to use OCTRI services to start up or carry out a study must budget for these at the time of funding application.  The OCTRI Research Navigator Program will work with the investigator and OCTRI program(s) to identify the resource(s) to be utilized and develop an accurate cost-estimate. Please allow two weeks for the preparation of a complete cost estimate.   Whether submitting a grant application or preparing to implement a study, it is important to contact the Research Navigator Program early.

Submit a resource request form for research services and cost estimate and/or letter of support



OCTRI offers many educational and training opportunities related to clinical and translational research for investigators, students and research staff.

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OCTRI offers resources to support successful research studies and collaborations. In addition to the services mentioned above, OCTRI has created a source for relevant policies, tools and templates and boilerplate text to assist investigators in preparing proposals, grant applications, manuscripts and publication acknowledgement.

Contact the Research Navigator Program

The Research Navigator Program processes incoming requests for OCTRI resources. Contact the Research Navigators directly with any questions about OCTRI resources.


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