Links for Early-Career Faculty

Links for Early-Career Faculty

OCTRI is committed to the career development of clinical and translational investigators. 

Find resources for early-career investigators in the following categories:

OCTRI Research Services

Entering clinical research does not have to be overwhelming.

OCTRI has experts in compliance, budget development, statistics, data management, and community-engaged research who can consult with investigators as they craft their first independent research proposal or implement a clinical study.

OCTRI also offers inpatient and outpatient facilities, experienced research nursing staff, experienced study coordinators, and a core laboratory that conducts a wide range of assays and genetic analyses.


OCTRI Scholars Program

The Scholars Program supports early-career faculty in obtaining their first independent research funding. You are eligible for the program if you are applying for or currently have a career-development award.


Popular Research Services for Early-Career Faculty

View a complete list of OCTRI Research Services.


Consultation Services

View a complete list of OCTRI Research Services.


Nursing & Laboratory Services

View a complete list of OCTRI Research Services.


Education, Training, & Mentoring

OCTRI provides educational resources to help investigators advance their career in clinical and translational research. OCTRI has also joined with the OHSU School of Medicine Office of the Dean to create a Mentoring Program that provides resources to both mentors and mentees.

Policies, Forms, & Templates

Funding & Support Opportunities

View current OCTRI Funding Opportunities.

External Resources

  • CTSciNet
    This online resource provides articles and perspectives about training, career paths, and career-related issues in clinical and translational science. The online community is now open to all who are interested in careers in clinical and translational research.
  • Society for Clinical and Translational Science