OCTRI-Intel Pilot Project Award

Robert Lowe, MD

Robert Lowe, MD


Robert Lowe, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at OHSU, was chosen to receive $50,000 through a novel and exciting initiative between Intel and OCTRI.

The Intel-OCTRI Pilot Project supports the development of new multi-sensing devices with health applications. Dr. Lowe's project will focus on continuous monitoring of two groups of patients outside of the hospital setting.

  • Patients at high risk of atherosclerotic disease (e.g. stroke and myocardial ischemia)
  • Diabetics at risk of hyper- or hypoglycemic emergencies

The proposed device will couple state-of-the-art wireless and mobile technology with various sensors to enable earlier detection and treatment of these common and life-threatening diseases.

The investigative team involved in the project is very interdisciplinary, a factor that contributed to the project's funding success. In addition to Dr. Lowe, the team includes:

  • Richard Harper, MD, MS, Chief of Emergency Services at the Portland VAMC
  • Edward Kim, MD, Instructor in Neurology at OHSU
  • Helmi Lutsep, MD, Associate Director of the Oregon Stroke Center at OHSU
  • John Ma, MD, Chair of Emergency Medicine at OHSU
  • Robert Norton, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Programs, Dept. of Emergency Medicine at OHSU
  • Robert Strongin, PhD, Professor of Organic Chemistry at PSU

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