OSLER Program -- Finding Mentors

Applicants to the Short-Term Program

Updated 11/22/2013

Students intending to apply should look through the list of OSLER mentors to identify a potential mentor with research in an area of interest to the student.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact one or more mentors and speak with him or her to discuss involvement in ongoing research.  A student may only apply with one mentor, but a mentor may choose to apply with one or more students. It is unlikely, however, that a mentor will be funded for more than one student.

Check back frequently as we update the potential mentor list with new mentors.  If you cannot find an appropriate mentor on this list for your specific area of interest, please contact Dr. Mary Samuels or Dr. Cynthia Morris.

Applicants to the Year-Long Program

We anticipate that you will have already formed a relationship with a mentor at the time of application.  You will need to contact Dr. Mary Samuels or Dr. Cynthia Morris to discuss your application, mentor and potential project.


If you are interested in being listed as an OSLER Mentor for short-term applicants, please contact Annette Vu.

Want to learn more about how to begin a mentoring relationship, best practices or how to overcome challenging mentoring situations? Visit the Mentoring Program web site.