OSLER TL1 Application

Application deadline and updated instructions will be posted for 2017 pending renewal of funding. The following information pertains to 2015 applications.

Prior to submission of the application, all applicants should contact Dr. Cynthia Morris () by e-mail with the following information needed for planning purposes: Degree program, expected date of matriculation into the TL1 program, mentor and very brief description (1-3 sentences) of the proposed research.

Applicants planning to matriculate in the Master of Clinical Research program or Certificate in Human Investigations Program should contact Karen McCracken (mccracke@ohsu.edu).

A complete application consists of:

  1. A current Curriculum Vitae, which includes education, research and work experience. An NIH biosketch may be substituted for the Curriculum Vitae.
  2. A personal statement (1 page or less) summarizing your desire to enter the program and outlining your ambitions regarding career development. Please discuss how you anticipate that clinical and translational research may relate to your career. This is a very important component of your application.
  3. A research proposal (2 page maximum). It must include a title, hypothesis and specific aims, brief background section, design and methods. The role of the student in the research project must be detailed. The proposal for this application should be in the student's prose addressing work that he or she will undertake.
  4. Proposed coursework in clinical and translational research during the year of the award. If the student plans to complete the Master of Clinical Research degree, please state this. Please contact Karen McCracken for any questions on this section.
  5. A letter of commitment from the research mentor is required, including a description of how the mentor and student will interact. The mentor must cite prior experience in research mentoring. The letter should also include how the project will be funded.
  6. An NIH biosketch of the faculty mentor. If unavailable, a curriculum vitae can suffice.
  7. A letter of recommendation from an OHSU faculty advisor or other faculty member.
All materials should be sent electronically to Karen McCracken (mccracke@ohsu.edu). Please be sure that all documents include the applicant's name in the header. The letter from the mentor and faculty letter of recommendation should be sent separately.
Please contact Karen McCracken (mccracke@ohsu.edu, 503-494-3095) with any questions about the application.