OSLER TL1 Application

Prior to Application Submission

Meet with potential mentors, select and choose a mentor and project.

If you are applying to the year-long program, contact Dr. Mary Samuels or Dr. Cynthia Morris to discuss your application, mentor and potential project.


Please contact Karen McCrakcen or Dr. Cynthia Morris for more information about 2015 Applications

A complete application consists of:

  • A current Curriculum Vitae, which includes education, research and work experience
  • Personal statement
  • A research proposal to be conducted
  • A letter of commitment from mentor and his/her biosketch in NIH format
  • A Student Authorization for Release of Education Information completed by program director (see detailed instructions)
  • In addition to demographic information you will be requested to submit a title and short summary of your research proposal and list your mentor(s) in an online application system.  If your proposed research project is subject to IRB or IACUC approval, you will need to provide an approval number or a plan for obtaining appropriate approval.
Note: Detailed instructions for application materials available upon request