Bionutrition Forum

January 2009





The Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute’s (OCTRI) Bionutrition Unit traveled to Corvallis in January 2009 to participate in a Bionutrition Forum co-sponsored by Oregon State University and the Linus Pauling Institute. This was the second forum coordinated by OCTRI’s Bionutrition Unit with the goal of enhancing nutrition and exercise research through increased collaboration with investigators throughout the region. 

For more information about future forums and collaboration opportunities in nutrition and exercise research, contact Martha McMurry.




OCTRI Bionutrition Unit members:

  • Jon Purnell, PhD
  • Martha McMurry
  • Bionutritionist Research Dietitians Angela Horgan and Jenice Powell
  • Body Energy Expenditure Composition Coordinator Maggie Cooper

OHSU investigators:

  • Liz Adams, RD, PhD (CDRC)
  • Gene Bowman, ND (Neurology)
  • Melanie Gillingham, RD, PhD
  • Diane Stadler, RD, PhD (Graduate Program in Human Nutrition)
  • Linda Lester, MD (Endocrinology)
  • Bruce Wolfe, MD (Surgery)

Linus Pauling Institute participants:

  • Balz Frei, PhD, Director
  • Abby Benninghoff, PhD
  • Rod Dashwood, PhD
  • Mary Garrard, RN, MSN
  • Fritz Gombart, PhD
  • Sharon Krueger, PhD
  • Regis Moreau, PhD
  • Maret Traber, PhD
  • Dave Williams, PhD

Environmental Health Science Center (EHSC) participants:

  • Joe Beckman, PhD, Director
  • Dan Sudakin, MD, MPH, Director, Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core
  • Robert Tanguay, PhD

HHS Nutrition and Exercise Science Department participants:

  • Tony Wilcox, PhD, Chair
  • Emily Ho, PhD
  • Don Jump, PhD, Director of Bionutrition
  • Urszula Iwaniec, PhD
  • Melinda Manore, PhD

Center for Healthy Aging Research (CHAR) participants:

  • Karen Hooker PhD, Director