Research Match for Investigators

ResearchMatch is new participant recruitment and feasibility analysis tool. ResearchMatch is currently available to OHSU researchers. Learn more about researcher registration.

ResearchMatch is a national volunteer research registry that brings together researchers and willing volunteers who wish to get involved in research studies.  This national registry, developed by institutions affiliated with the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA), provides a secure, web-based approach to address a key barrier to advancing research: participant recruitment.  

How Research Match Works

Volunteers register. 

Volunteers of any age, race, ethnicity, and health status can register for ResearchMatch. Volunteers submit basic demographic and health status information. Register as a Volunteer.

Researchers register.  

Researchers register with ResearchMatch. All OHSU researchers and their staff can register. Learn more about registration below.

  • With feasibility access, OHSU researchers can scan the registry and see aggregate data regarding the registry population.
  • With recruitment access, researchers can contact ResearchMatch volunteers that appear to be a good 'match' for their study. This type of access requires IRB approval.
Researchers are 'matched' with volunteers. 

With IRB approval, OHSU researchers can use ResearchMatch to contact volunteers that may be a good 'match' for their study.


Registration for Researchers

Registration is simple and available to OHSU researchers and their staff through 

There are two levels of access: feasibility and recruitment.

Feasibility Access

Feasibility access will allow you to scan the registry and view aggregate data regarding the registry population.  You will be able to enter specific search criteria to see if ResearchMatch may be a useful tool for your study. 

Recruitment Access

Recruitment access allows you to contact ResearchMatch volunteers that appear to be a good ‘match’ with your study.  

Registration Requirements

To register for recruitment access, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Have an active research study that has been approved by an IRB
  • Be the Principal Investigator (PI) or an individual who is authorized to recruit for an IRB-approved study on behalf of the PI

Approval Process

Recruitment access requires that you submit additional information to show that you have an active IRB-approved (or IRB-exempt) study.  You will need to inform the IRB that you will be using ResearchMatch for recruitment in your IRB submission and include the text of the email that you will to send to potential participants through ResearchMatch.  You can register for recruitment access once the IRB has approved your study, including the email text.  New and existing studies can For studies submitted to the OHSU IRB, there are two ways to get approval for ResearchMatch recruitment access.

New Studies
  • When completing the Initial Review Questionnaire (IRQ) in eIRB for a new study, answer 'yes' on question 2.7 'I would like to use to recruit for this study.'
  • At the end of the IRQ, upload the email text that you would like to send to potential participants. 
  • View an example of ResearchMatch recruitment text.
Existing Studies
  • Submit a modification to the study in eIRB.  In the modification, check the box in question 3.1 'Change/Add/Drop Items – Advertisement'. Under question 5.0, 'Briefly describe and explain the reason for the modification', state that you would like to use ResearchMatch for recruitment.
  • At the end of the modification form, upload the recruitment email text that you would like to send to potential study participants. This must be included before you submit the modification. 
  • View an example of ResearchMatch recruitment text.
Studies Approved by Non-OHSU IRBs


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