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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the overall objective of

ResearchMatch aims to serve as an effective, useful and complementary recruitment tool that will help connect willing volunteers with researchers who are searching for appropriate volunteers to be placed in their research studies (not just clinical trials).

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What does it cost to use ResearchMatch?

ResearchMatch is a not-for-profit activity and provided for free to OHSU researchers. OCTRI facilitates access for OHSU researchers.

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What is required to use ResearchMatch as a recruitment tool?

OHSU researchers are given access to the ResearchMatch system.  Upon registration, researchers may request either feasibility or recruitment access.  To gain Recruitment Access, a study’s Principal Investigator (PI) and/or authorized recruitment proxy must submit sufficient evidence of having an IRB-approved study. Read more about how to use ResearchMatch for recruitment.

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What do I need to communicate to my IRB if I want to use ResearchMatch?

OHSU researchers must submit their intent to use ResearchMatch to the IRB. There are two simple steps to the IRB requirements for ResearchMatch.

  • When completing the Initial Review Questionnaire (IRQ) in eIRB for a new study, answer 'yes' on question 2.7 'I would like to use to recruit for this study'.
  • At the end of the IRQ, upload the email text that you would like to send to potential participants. View an example of ResearchMatch recruitment text.

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I already sumbitted the IRQ and didn't indicate that I want to use ResearchMatch. Can I still use it for recruitment?

Yes, you can use ResearchMatch after submitting a modification to the IRB. The modification should specify that you would like to use, and it should include a copy of the recruitment letter and/or email.

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Will my ResearchMatch access expire?

Yes, your access to recruit via ResearchMatch will last only as long as your IRB-study approval.  The expiration date of your ResearchMatch access will mirror the expiration date of your study.  If an unintentional lapse in time occurs and you are not able to submit this information in time, your ResearchMatch data will not be lost.

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Is ResearchMatch only for clinical trials?

No, ResearchMatch is available to help match any type of IRB-approved study with ResearchMatch volunteers.

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How does ResearchMatch relate to is a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. gives you information about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details.  ResearchMatch does not list studies; it connects researchers leading individual studies with volunteers who may be interested in participating in studies.

For instructions related to, see requirements for listing OHSU studies on

To list your study on OHSU's Study Participation Opportunities web page, answer 'yes' to eIRB IRQ question 2.6. For existing approved studies, submit a modification requesting a listing on the Study Participation Opportunities.

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How do I get matched with volunteers?

After you have been granted recruitment access, you will be able to search for appropriate matches amongst the non-identifiable ResearchMatch volunteer profiles in the system.  You will enter your study’s criteria in the ResearchMatch Search Builder which will yield a list of these potential matches.  You will send out IRB-approved content in your initial recruitment message to these potential matches through ResearchMatch.  The secure ResearchMatch clearinghouse will route your message to each of these potential matches and they will have the option of replying yes, no, or no response.  

Your study’s home page will feature all those volunteers who say yes and show aggregate figures/charts demonstrating the response rate to your initial recruitment message.  Once the volunteer has authorized ResearchMatch to release their contact information to you, you will be responsible for managing this contact information as called for by your IRB-approved study protocol.

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I'm not at OHSU researcher. Can I still participate?

Currently, invitations to participate in ResearchMatch are limited to only those sites that have been awarded and are affiliated with a Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Consortium.  OHSU is affiliated with the CTSA Consortium through the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI).

If you are from a CTSA-affiliated site that is not featured in the ResearchMatch Network, please contact to learn of your site’s current status.  ResearchMatch looks forward to expanding its Network beyond the CTSA in the future.  Whether or not you are from a CTSA site, please fill out the Researcher Interest Form to express your interest to learn more about ResearchMatch when it may become available in the future.

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How can I publicize ResearchMatch in my clinic or at an event?

We are always interested in publicizing ResearchMatch to potential volunteers, and anyone can register as a volunteer. Volunteer registration has been active since November 2009, and in the first six months ResearchMatch focused on building the registry's volunteer population. Researchers can now access ResearchMatch for recruitment, but efforts to expand the registry continue. Anyone can register at

The easiest ways to publicize ResearchMatch are to make fliers available and to mention to your colleagues, patients, friends, and family. We provide a few different color fliers for download. 

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Who can I contact with additional questions?

Please contact OCTRI Research Support with additional questions about ResearchMatch for investigators.

Volunteers should take a look at the ResearchMatch page for Volunteers.


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