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OHSU Biolibrary

A Joint Project between OCTRI and
the Knight Cancer Institute



The OHSU Knight BioLibrary is a matrix organization of human specimen collections supported by dedicated staff with the goals of standardizing specimen management and coordinating disbursement to researchers.  The BioLibrary staff provides services to investigator-driven repositories in addition to maintaining its own specimen collection.

The BioLibrary is managed by Knight Cancer Institute staff. Among its roles is to establish best practices for all OHSU specimen repositories. This advisory role has included the establishment of an OHSU-wide research notice model that allows for collection and use of residual tissues; coordination of interdepartmental activities related to internal specimen disbursement; creation of a cost recovery model; and implementation of a single database system to manage repository specimens and annotative data.

To learn more about the OHSU Knight BioLibrary and the services it offers please see the BioLibrary O2 site.

BioLibrary Search Engines

BEMS  - Biolocator Search Engine

The new search tool, called the Biolocator, allows users to search and request specimens contained in the banks uploaded into BEMS.  Currently BEMS includes all samples from the Knight Tissue Bank.

Visit the BioLibrary Bridge Site for more information on this project or for access to the Biolocator User Guide.

BioLibrary Search Engine

The BioLibrary Search Engine, developed by OCTRI for internal researchers only, will continue to be supported, but will only contain clinical blocks from the Pathology Department.

OHSU researchers do not have to have IRB approval to access the BioLibrary search engine. Researchers are required to have completed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Responsible Conduct of Research training (for all researchers and involving human subjects modules) in order to search the BioLibrary.

Access the BioLibrary search engine


OHSU Biolibrary Contacts

Devon Kelly, M.S.
Biolibrary Director
Knight Cancer Institute

Dennis Duran
Biolibrary Lab Manager
Knight Cancer Institute

James Lagowski
Specimen Management Team Lead
Knight Cancer Institute