Community & Practice Research Program

The Community & Practice Research (CPR) program seeks to work collaboratively with community organizations, health care practices and researchers to study how best to improve the health of Oregonians and the broader American public. Because health and health behaviors are affected by the social and physical environments we live in, community-based research is extremely important - but also complex. Community and provider involvement is important in enabling our translational research programs to develop and conduct scientifically sound, culturally appropriate research with real-world applicability. Our program benefits from existing relationships with many communities and practice networks, and we plan to further expand these efforts.

Program Leadership


Jackie Shannon, PhD, RD

Program Director


(541) 706-6785

Jeanne-Marie Guise, MD, MPH

Jeanne-Marie Guise, MD, MPH

Associate Program Director


(503) 494-7351

Stefan Shearer

Stefan Shearer

Research Assistant
(Primary Contact)


(503) 494-3602

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