Organizational Structure

OCTRI leadership and staff span Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).

Organizational Structure

OCTRI is organized into infrastructure programs that provide research services to investigators and the wider research community. Each program has a director, and in some cases programs are led by a pair or team.

Organizational Functions

  • The Leadership Team meets monthly to ensure that OCTRI continues to serve its mission, meet strategic goals, and plan for the future. 
  • The Management Team is a sub-set of the Leadership Team, meeting weekly to address tactical and operational issues.
  • The Program Directors and Management Team come together every two weeks to review the OCTRI portfolio, communicate organizational updates, and, if necessary, address challenges.

OCTRI has also assembled the following advisory groups:

  • Internal Advisory Board
  • External Advisory Committee
  • Child Health Advisory Committee

CTSA Consortium Participation

OCTRI is active in the national CTSA consortium through membership across the full spectrum of committees and advisory groups.