Neuroscience Research

Finding ways to cure neurological and psychiatric diseases, exploring and working to understand the entire nervous system, including the spine and the brain, at the molecular and behavioral levels


Made discoveries on nerve cell communication, shedding light on memory, learning, emotion and movement.

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The Brain: Center of Our Universe

The brain. That mass of crevasses, twists and knolls suspended above our shoulders in an intricate array of bone and flesh is a highly complex structure. Its densely packed network of nearly one trillion nerve cells fires signals back and forth every second at 250 miles per hour.

The brain is the center of our body's universe, the sun around which all our physical and mental activities orbit. With it we taste, smell, hear and see; love, hate, laugh and cry; run, walk, sleep and awaken; feel pleasure, pain, elation and despair. Without it we're like a car without an engine, a home without its occupants, a computer without its CPU. We'd be nothing but skin and bone encasing a bucket full of useless, wilted organs.

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