Clinical Research

Dr. Lou

Clinical research is vital to any area of medicine, and the PCO invests great time and energy to remain on the cutting edge of clinical research projects. The goal of clinical research is to better understand how disease affects the human body, and how medications and other therapies relieve the burden of the disease. Of course, with Parkinson’s disease the ultimate goal is to find a cure, but the PCO is also working in many other areas of research.

Research involving people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders is the only way we can evaluate the effectiveness of new medications. It also gives a window into the basic mechanisms of the disease by carefully measuring how the disease affects the brain’s chemicals, the ability of the body to process medications, and the way the body’s movements are disturbed by Parkinson’s. Research also teaches how to better care for the caregivers, and how health care professionals can better relate to their patients. All these things and more are done on a daily basis at the PCO.

Current Studies