Basic Science

An important part of the journey for any major scientific discovery is the tireless efforts of basic scientists who work to understand the underlying mechanisms behind how diseases attack cells and organisms, and how the treatments can bring these cells and organisms back to normal function. At the PCO, there are numerous basic scientists who are doing this vital work in PD. They are using cutting-edge tools to look at Parkinson’s disease in everything from cells grown in a Petri dish to mouse and rat models of Parkinson’s to detailed analysis of human movement. Once a week, the clinical faculty and the basic science faculty meet together to try to effectively translate the basic science discoveries into clinical trials which may lead to breakthrough treatments for PD.

In addition to our own research scientists, our senior scientist collaborators include

Paul Berger Ph.D.
Victor Gurfinkel Ph.D.
Charlie Meschul Ph.D.
Joseph Quinn M.D.
Lee Robertson Ph.D.