A Center of Excellence in Care, Research and Education

Parkinson Center of Oregon Team 2010

The OHSU Parkinson Center and Movement Disorders Program, formerly the Parkinson Center of Oregon, was  founded in 1979 and has become the premier center for Parkinson's disease in  the Northwest. It has received a national designation as a center of excellence  for Parkinson's disease care, education, and research. The center is known for  its comprehensive care and innovative patient care programs. It is hailed as a premier research center and had been involved in the latest in cutting edge research for over 20  years. It is also committed to statewide education of patients, families, and the spectrum of health care  professionals.

The success of the OHSU Parkinson  Center is only multiplied by its commitment to collaboration. It functions as a  true "Center" or "Hub" for Parkinson's related activities  by its partnerships with community health care providers, other educational  groups, and researchers locally and nationally.

The work of the OHSU Parkinson  Center has been possible by research grants from the National Institutes of  Health, National Parkinson Foundation, pharmaceutical industry grants and  contracts, grants from private foundations and gifts from generous donors.