Academics & Training

Academic Center Dedicated to the Education of Future Health Care Professionals

Working alongside our extremely capable colleagues in Neurological Surgery, Anesthesiology & Peri-Operative Medicine, Neuroradiology and Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine, our program at Oregon Health & Science University is also an academic center dedicated to the education of future health care professionals, and the NSICU follows in this tradition of teaching. Monthly, residents from Neurology, neurological surgery and Anesthesiology & Peri-Operative Medicine work diligently with the faculty attendings through the NSICU where they learn the techniques of dealing with neurocritically-ill patients. The NSICU faculty and staff works closely with the students, residents, and fellows in order to ensure a solid understanding of the principles of our neurocritically-ill patients.



We have a two-year combined clinical and research fellowship training program to develop Clinician-Scientists in the field of Neurocritical Care who will eventually be leaders in the field. Residents from the departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Anesthesiology & Peri-Operative Medicine, Pulmonary/ Critical Care and Emergency Medicine will have structured curriculum during their rotations in the Neuro-ICU. Nursing education and training of Physician Assistants is an integral part of the program.


Resident Rotation

During all three years of neurology residency training, residents rotate through the NSICU on a monthly rotation. Neurology residents round daily with the NSICU attending and collaborate with the team, which includes medical students, Anesthesiology residents, fellows, social workers, case workers, nutritionists, physical and respiratory specialists. 

Medical Student Rotation

The Neuroscience Critical Care Elective is designed to have clinical responsibilities for medical students in a step-wise fashion over the course of their rotations(s). Rotations are typically in blocks of 4 weeks in the NSICU.