OHSU Multiple Sclerosis Center

The OHSU Multiple Sclerosis Center is dedicated to helping people with Multiple Sclerosis have the best quality of life possible. The Center provides comprehensive patient care services, patient and physician education, and performs state of the art research to optimize quality of life and find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Reaching Beyond Boundaries

Founded in 1983, the OHSU Multiple Sclerosis Center is one of nation’s premier multiple sclerosis patient care and research centers. The OHSU MS Center provides state-of-the-art care to people with MS from all over Oregon and the rest of the Northwest while conducting world-renowned research on MS. Through statewide and national meetings, our faculty educate patients and their families, physicians and other health care providers, and the community about the latest advances in MS treatment. The OHSU MS Center is a member of the Nancy Davis Center Without Walls and the Consortium of MS Centers and is affiliated with the Oregon Chapter of the National MS Society.

Patient and Provider Education

The OHSU MS Center provides education about MS to patients and their families and friends as well as to health care providers.

Patient education includes the Brown Bag Lunch series and the At The Frontier and Beyond annual meeting in Portland and On The Horizon presentations throughout Oregon.

Provider education includes training of medical students, residents and fellows at OHSU about multiple sclerosis and presentations on MS for providers in Portland and throughout the state.

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Why study lipoic acid at OHSU?

How can I participate in MS research?

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What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, sometimes disabling disease of the central nervous system and one of the most common diseases affecting the nervous system.

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MS Research

Research at the OHSU MS Center includes investigator initiated studies on cutting edge medical and alternative therapies for multiple sclerosis and MS-related symptoms as well as pharma initiated trials of new medications for MS.

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MS: 30 Years of Progress

Bourdette - MS 30 Years

Dennis Bourdette, M.D., chair of the OHSU Department of Neurology, delivered the annual John N. Whitaker Memorial Lecture at the Paralyzed Veterans of America SUMMIT meeting in Orlando, Florida. The Department of Veterans MS Centers of Excellence selected Dr. Bourdette to give this lecture in recognition of his many contributions to multiple sclerosis research and to improving the lives of people with MS. Watch "Multiple Sclerosis: 30 Years of Progress"

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