2017 Annual Meeting

Mt. Hood

"The impact of the central nervous system (CNS) sanctuary mediated by the neurovascular unit (NVU) in neurologic disease"

  • All meeting registrants are welcome and encouraged to attend the "Blood-Brain Barrier and Neuro-imaging Consortium Discussion: Input from Academia and Industry" on Thursday, March 2, 7:30am –11:45am. The discussion will include brief presentations and group discussion on the following topics: Neuro-imaging, Immunotherapy, Primary CNS Lymphoma, and Chemoprotection. The session is informal, so bring your questions, comments and expertise; and please participate in the discussion!
  • Please join us for the Opening Dinner on Thursday evening March 2, 6:00pm. Following the dinner, there will be a special presentation by Dr. Brian Eliceiri on "New experimental models of NVU research:The case for humanized mice" .

Biomedical research in tumor immunology has generally focused on genes that are conserved between species, with less attention to genes that are divergent between species. Genomic comparisons between humans and mice reveals that up to 15% of the genes in human genome have no mouse ortholog, with recent reports showing that in fact, such uniquely human genes can and do have biological activity, suggesting that this is a field that requires further study. Furthermore, the limitations of standard rodent models in tumor immunology have led to the development of chimeric model systems that harbor human immune cells. Following dinner, a discussion panel led by Dr. Eliceiri will focus on recent advances, and limitations of such models, with discussants including Dr. Martha O'Donnell and Dr. Eric Shusta.

  • Limited space is available for the one-on-one mentoring sessions on Friday, March 3rd, 4:15 pm. Please remember to sign up at the registration desk during the meeting!  

The meeting will take place at Skamania Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Stevenson, WA. See 2017 Travel Information for details on how to book your room by February 3, 2017

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