MRI studies of the aging brain

MRI of the Aging Brain

Principle Investigator:  Dr. Lisa Silbert

Visits:  2-3 visits

Purpose:  To learn about changes in blood flow in the aging brain and how such changes may affect cognition.

Study design:  There will be one visit for scans on the 3T MRI (4 hours), and a second visit for additional scans on the 7T MRI (4 hours).Subjects may be asked to come in prior to each MRI scanning for 1 hour of cognitive testing if this has not already been done as part of another aging study.

Seeking Volunteers:

  • Early Alzheimer's disease (CDR = 0.5 or 1.0, MMSE ≥ 15) - Looking for participants from Neurology clinic only. 
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (CDR = 0.5, MMSE ≥ 24)
  • Cognitively intact elderly (CDR = 0.0, MMSE ≥ 24)

Exclusions:  Some metal implants, claustrophia, pacemaker.

Contact: Study coordinator, Louie Perkins at 503 494-1266 or; or Principle Investigator, Lisa Silbert at 503 494-1610 or

If you are interested in volunteering for this study, please read the description of the study carefully. If you (or someone for whom you may be inquiring) meet the eligibility requirements as listed in the section entitled "Seeking Volunteers", please provide your contact information below. A study representative will contact you to discuss the study's requirements and guidelines.

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MRI of the Aging Brain Study