Lipoic Acid and omega-3 fatty acids in Alzheimer’s disease

Principal Investigator: Lynne Shinto                        IRB#: 5156

Sponsor: NIH/NIA

Length: 18 months     Visits: 10

Purpose: To assess treatment effect on slowing the progression of cognitive decline as measured by Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale – Cognitive Subscale (ADAS-cog) and slowing the loss of functionality as measured by Activities of Daily Living (ADL).
Study design:  100 subjects with mild to moderate AD will be randomized to a study drug (lipoic acid and fish oil) or placebo group for 18 months. Dosing: 600 mg/day of lipoic acid and 3 g/day of fish oil administered with food. Subjects must come in for 10 visits, which will include blood draws, MRI’s, cognitive questionnaires, neurological tests, and vitals. The first three visits will occur within two weeks of each other with the following visits taking place every three months.
Study Care and Reimbursement: All study related visits provided at no extra cost. There will be a $50 reimbursement to the participant for each completed visit to compensate for time and travel.

Seeking Volunteers:                    

  • Diagnosed with AD
  • MMSE 15- 27
  • Age 55 or older
  • Has a study partner willing to accompany the subject to all visits

Contact: Courtney Zerizef at 503 494-7240