Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative Grand Opportunity (ADNI-GO)

Principle Investigator:  Dr. Jeffrey Kaye

Sponsor:  NIH, NIA (ADCS study)

Length: 18 months Visits:  5 visits and 1 phone calls

Purpose: To define and characterize the stage of the AD spectrum that precedes MCI as currently enrolled in ADNI (late MCI) by enrolling 200 subjects in the mildest symptomatic phase of AD, early amnestic MCI.. 

Study design: This is a non-randomized natural history non-treatment study.

Procedures:  visits-Screening, Baseline, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month  phone call- 18 months.  All subjects will have clinical/cognitive assessments, biomarker collections, and imaging, including F18 amyloid imaging, FDG PET, 3T MRI, and LP.

Study Care and Reimbursement: Study visits provided at no charge.  Subjects will be reimbursed  for each study visit.

Seeking Volunteers:

  • Age 55-90
  • MMSE 24-30
  • Has a study partner willing to accompany the subject to all visits
  • Must be willing to undergo all test procedures, including an LP at baseline
  • Must have a memory complaint (reported by subject or informant)
  • Objective memory loss measured by Wechsler Memory Scale Logical Memory II
  • CDR of 0.5
  • Absence of significant levels of impairment in other cognitive domains, essentially preserved activities of daily living, and an absence of dementia

Contact: Betty Lind at 503 494-9399