Neuro-Imaging Lab

Oregon NIA-Layton Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease Center


The Neuroimaging Laboratory at the NIA-Layton Oregon Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Center (OADC) was established in 1989, and has maintained a research focus centered on detecting early brain changes associated with cognitive decline and dementia. The lab manages the neuroimaging component of all studies at the Center.  In addition to acquisition and archival services, the lab performs volumetric analysis of anonymized MRI scans.

Additional assistance with resulting data is also available, including statistical analysis, and preparation of materials for presentation and publication. The Layton Center also manages a library of thousands of digitized MRI scans, including what is believed to be the largest collection of longitudinal MRI scans of cognitively intact elderly subjects.

The OADC Neuroimaging Lab conducts MRI studies on both 3 and 7T MRI systems using advanced sequences, employing a multimodal approach to brain imaging research.

Oregon Alzheimer’s Disease Center Neuroimaging Laboratory Advanced Imaging Sequence Protocol
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For more information please contact David Lahna at (503) 494-1266.