How to Make a Request

To start the data or recruitment request process, please:

  1. Review our Research Repository Policy  - Revised 6/20/2017
  2. See clinical data resources
  3. Print and fill out one of the following forms completely, including your contact information:

On all manuscripts submitted for publication, please remember to acknowledge support by the Layton Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center if the publication resulted in any way from use of Layton Center resources and/or staff. This is extremely important to our continued funding. Sign the bottom of the data request form signifying that you have read and agreed to comply with our Research Repository Policy and then fax (503 494-7499) or email a scanned copy of the signed data request form to . You can also send the information requested on the form in the body of an email along with your written acknowledgement that you have read the policy and agree to comply.

One or more of the following acknowledgments must be added to all published articles. Please check with the Data Manager () for the appropriate acknowledgements relevant to your publication:
  • NIA-funded Oregon Alzheimer Disease Center (OADC):  P30 AG008017
  • Oregon Brain Aging Study (OBAS): Office of Research & Development, Clinical Sciences Research & Development Service, Department of Veterans Affairs. 
  • Dementia Prevention Study—DPS (subjects rolled into OBAS II after DPS ended): P50 AT00066
  • For Layton Center projects that utilized the OHSU General Clinical Research Center (GCRC - OBAS, AADAPt, DPS etc): M01 RR000334.
    GCRC is now OCTRI (OCTRI started in 2006). OCTRI— this publication was made possible with support from the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI), grant number UL1 RR024140 from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and NIH Roadmao for Medical Research.
  • Bioengineering Research Partnership, Intelligent Systems for  Assessing Aging Changes—supported by NIH R01 AG024059, P30 AG024978, P30 AG008017, Intel Corporation