Data, Tissue, and Genetics Resources

The Layton Center’s Biostatistics and Data Management Core maintains a customized longitudinal relational research database using 4th Dimension.
The database currently holds data for over 3,000 research subjects. These data are available for researchers.

Request data or samples

Data and samples that are available for researchers interested in studying Alzheimer’s disease:

Clinical Data  
NeuroImaging Data
Biomarkers and Genetic data or samples
Neuropathology Data or samples


Dr. Hiroko Dodge is available to consult with investigators regarding study design, sample size and power estimations, data analysis and related issues.

Robin Guariglia, R.N., B.S.N., is available to consult with and assist OADC investigators with data retrieval needs. For information please contact Robin Guariglia at or 503 494-6977.