Clinical Data Resources

The Layton Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease Center has developed a customized longitudinal relational research database using 4th Dimension ( The database currently holds data for over 4,000 research subjects with an average of 5 evaluations each. 1,503 research subjects have 4 or more evaluations and the maximum number of evaluations per subject is 37.

The database includes the following types of data (including but not limited to NACC Uniform Dataset (UDS) data:

• physical and neurological exam findings

• neurocognitive test scores

• personal and family history

• positive/negative family history of dementia

• personal demographics

• genotypes (APOE, HLA)

• age at service evaluations

• age at onset, age at death

• clinical diagnosis

• neuropathology diagnosis and tissue inventory information (when available)

• health status

• medications

• laboratory tests

• MRI volumetrics