Oregon Partnership for Alzheimer’s Research Awards grants

Oregon Partnership for Alzheimer’s Research awards 2013–2014 grants

The Oregon Partnership for Alzheimer's Research Committee (OPAR), a community scientific advisory board, administers funds donated by Oregonians who designate a portion of their refund as a donation to “Alzheimer’s research” on their tax return form. The volunteer OPAR committee has announced the award recipients for the 2013–2014 budget year. Of the eight proposals received, three grants were awarded:

Amy Henderson, MAIS, the Geezer Gallery, Portland in collaboration with ORCATECH

Vibrant Elders: An art therapy intervention for seniors with mild cognitive impairment

Jeffrey Iliff, Ph.D., OHSU Anesthesiology and Peri-operative medicine

Evaluating age-related failure of perivascular solute clearance pathways

Hiroyuki Nakai, Ph.D., associate professor, OHSU Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics

A novel tau-targeting approach to treat Alzheimer’s disease using adeno-associated viral vectors

2012–2013 OPAR grants

These grants are made possible through the Oregon Tax Checkoff program. Oregonians support this program by making donations designated on their state income tax return. The Fund supports researchers who are entering the field of Alzheimer's disease research or who are pursuing new directions in Alzheimer's research Increased donations during last tax season allowed four pilot grants to be funded for the coming year.

Awards approved for projects proposed by these new investigators

Lance Johnson, Ph.D, OHSU Behavioral Science

The role of apoE in diabetes-induced cognitive dysfunction

Jenna Ramaker, Doctoral student, OHSU

Cell & Developmental Biology APP and G proteins in the control of neuronal migration

Sudeshna Dutta, Ph.D., OHSU CROET

The effect of sleep and circadian rhythms in Alzheimer’s disease

Julia Marshall Leach, OHSU

Biomedical Engineering graduate student, Postural control and dual tasking in Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)