The C. Rex and Ruth H. Layton Center 20th Anniversary

20th anniversary

The C. Rex and Ruth H. Layton Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center celebrates 20 years of Aging and Alzheimer's disease research in 2010. Since the establishment of the Oregon Alzheimer's Disease Center in 1990, the Center has been awarded a little over $20 million from NIH, about $1 million of which has supported 40 pilot projects.

The NIH has also awarded more than $25 million for 35 other research projects that rely on the resources of the OADC.

Over the years the Layton Center has conducted fifty clinical trials, several of which have contributed to the approval of medications for Alzheimer's disease treatment. More than 20,000 patients have received 196,000 assessments in the clinic. Volunteer research participants now number over 4,000.

An event on May 7, brought together staff, research participants, friends and university partners to celebrate the Center's 20 years of accomplishment. Dr. Mark Richardson, Dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. David Dorsa, Vice President of Research, and Dr. Dennis Bourdette, Neurology department chair addressed the gathering. Each offered his appreciation for the importance of the research carried out by the Center, and its value as a community resource. Layton Center director, Dr. Jeffrey Kaye, M.D., expressed appreciation for the dedication of Center staff, particularly those who have worked to advance Alzheimer's disease research and treatment since the Center's early years, notably administrator Dianne Waggoner, psychologists Diane Howieson and Katherine Wild, data manager Robin Guariglia and nurse Joyce Lear. Long-time volunteer research subjects Warren Fleming (18 years) and Harvey Rice (16 years) were acknowledged for their invaluable service.