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The Layton Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center believes that both patients and caregivers are empowered by having the best quality and most current information about their disease available to them.

In our clinic, there is a display area that has informational material available to the public. In this area of our website, we provide information about upcoming events that are open to the public and offer valuable information for people, families and caregivers living with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.

Upcoming Events

Caregiver Trainings through Oregon Care Partners and the Alzheimer's Association
Mid Stage Alzheimer's

Saturday, February 7th, 2015 from 1:00-4:30pm

OHSU Center for Health and Healing Room 3171

3303 SW Bond Ave. Portland 97239

Late-stage Alzheimer's

Saturday, March 21st, 2015 from 2:00-4:30pm

OHSU Center for Health and Healing Room 3171

3303 SW Bond Ave. Portland 97239


Neuroscience Research & News

12/15/2014 FEI and Oregon Health & Science University Install a Complete Correlative Microscopy Workflow in Newly Built Collaborative Science Facility
12/15/2014 FEI and Oregon Health & Science University Install a Complete Correlative Microscopy Workflow in Newly Built Collaborative Science Facility
12/01/2014 PhD student Kelly Chacon recognized for scholarship and leadership
10/08/2014 Update on computational activities
09/19/2014 Two Important Publications from APOM
08/21/2014 Oregon Health Plan members get more access to health care providers; providers get help paying off student loans
08/14/2014 New energy-efficient data center will propel OHSU into ‘big data’ research
08/04/2014 Oregon Office of Rural Health announces Critical Access Hospital, Rural Health Clinic grants
08/04/2014 Oregon ORH Announces Critical Access Hospital, Rural Health Clinic Grants
08/04/2014 Oregon Office of Rural Health Announces Critical Access Hospital, Rural Health Clinic Grants
07/25/2014 Megan McClintick Receives Ashworth Graduate Training Award
07/25/2014 Big Data, Big Dreams: Greg Scott, MS4
07/17/2014 July 2014 News and Accomplishments
07/07/2014 OHSU SCHOOL OF NURSING Receives Grant for Nursing Scholarships through RWJF New Careers in Nursing Program
07/07/2014 OHSU to receive revolutionary new imaging technology
07/07/2014 OHSU to receive revolutionary new imaging technology
06/23/2014 Research gives unprecedented 3-D view of important brain receptor
06/09/2014 Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation hires new leader
06/02/2014 Resveratrol supplements cause pancreatic problems in developing fetus
05/29/2014 OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital announces patient-designers for 2014 Doernbecher Freestyle Program
05/13/2014 May13 Healthcare Analytics Group explores UHC data
05/13/2014 One rare brain condition will unite hundreds in downtown Portland
05/08/2014 OHSU-OCSSB Biomaging Symposium 2014
04/01/2014 Wolfram Laub, PhD, MBA is Invited to Speak in Buenos Aires
03/26/2014 Bioimaging at the Nanoscale 2014
02/28/2014 OHSU first in Oregon to implant newly approved miniature heart monitor
02/10/2014 Dr. Thomas invited to serve on the Lower GI Expert Panel for the AJCC Cancer Staging System
02/10/2014 BME and OCSSB Welcome New Faculty
02/05/2014 Monkeys that eat omega-3 rich diet show more developed brain networks
02/04/2014 BME and OCSSB Welcome New Faculty
01/29/2014 Adam Margolin, Ph.D., recruited as director of new program in computational biology at OHSU
01/02/2014 Damien Fair Receives Presidential Award
12/26/2013 Antioxidant drug knocks down multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice
12/23/2013 OHSU neuroscientist wins presidential award for promising scientists
12/09/2013 OHSU researchers develop new drug approach that could lead to cures for wide range of diseases
11/20/2013 The Oregon Community Foundation makes biggest discretionary grant in its history to OHSU’s Knight Cancer Challenge
11/15/2013 Medical Research Foundation honors top Oregon scientists, mentors
10/30/2013 Garet Lahvis Receives 2014 OCTRI Catalyst Pilot Project Award
10/23/2013 Fall, Halloween safety tips from OHSU Doernbecher and the Oregon Poison Center at OHSU
09/27/2013 Nike and OHSU Doernbecher to unveil 10th anniversary Doernbecher Freestyle Collection
09/24/2013 Taking on the Knights’ $1 billion cancer challenge
09/12/2013 OHSU launches $25 million clinical and translational science initiative against lethal, hard-to-treat pancreatic disease
08/14/2013 OHSU School of Medicine welcomes M.D. class of 2017
08/13/2013 OHSU wins NIH grant to look for Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers
07/31/2013 BME Mourns Death of Tamara Hayes
07/29/2013 Focus on Microscopy Forum
07/15/2013 OHSU scientists to host middle and high school students July 16 - 18
06/26/2013 Nationally recognized autism experts to speak at free OHSU lecture Friday
06/18/2013 New Alzheimer’s research suggests possible cause: the interaction of proteins in the brain
06/05/2013 New technique for deep brain stimulation surgery proves accurate and safe
05/28/2013 OHSU Vollum Institute scientists advance understanding of brain receptor
05/08/2013 How do we see inside the human brain? And why should we look?
05/07/2013 OHSU-OCSSB Imaging Symposium 2013
05/07/2013 Inaugural Conference for Flux: The International Congress for Integrative Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
04/30/2013 RMHC, OHSU Doernbecher announce interim housing solution for families of seriously ill children traveling to Portland for medical care
04/29/2013 Mayo Clinic externship: Two OHSU School of Nursing students participate
04/22/2013 OHSU teams with Intel to decode the root causes of cancer and other complex diseases
04/22/2013 Exercizing to Reduce Falls
03/28/2013 Casey Eye Institute presents free community seminars on macular degeneration
03/27/2013 OHSU receives advanced certification as Comprehensive Stroke Center from The Joint Commission
03/20/2013 Dr. Marquez presented at the 2013 Northwest Chapter of the AAAPM Spring Symposium
03/19/2013 OHSU Ask the Health Experts Lecture series features specialists on bone and joint care
03/19/2013 Internationally known OHSU Knight Cancer Institute researcher discusses the future of cancer care
03/13/2013 Legacy Health, OHSU combine outpatient cancer clinics to improve access to advanced care in the region
02/20/2013 First OHSU Brain Awareness Season lecture set for Feb. 25: “Brain resiliency and the secret to healthy aging”
02/19/2013 Cepheid and the Knight Cancer Institute collaborate to develop breast, prostate cancer tests
02/11/2013 Sandra Rugonyi featured in American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
02/01/2013 OHSU Brain Institute announces lineup for annual Brain Awareness Season lecture series
01/29/2013 New OHSU research helps explain early-onset puberty in females
01/24/2013 Two New Breakthroughs Demonstrate How Tomorrow’s Life-Saving Medications May Currently Be Living At the Bottom of the Sea
01/16/2013 Study findings have potential to prevent, reverse serious disabilities affecting children born prematurely
01/15/2013 Most U.S. neurologists plan to use new brain scan for Alzheimer’s detection
01/11/2013 OHSU hosts Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist whose book chronicling her husband’s battle with cancer raises tough questions about modern health care in the U.S.
12/13/2012 W. M. Keck Foundation grant will help OHSU advance light/electron microscopy for biomedical research
12/13/2012 W. M. Keck Foundation grant will help OHSU advance light/electron microscopy for biomedical research
12/11/2012 New cardiovascular institute at OHSU will be named the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute
12/06/2012 Autistic adults report significant shortcomings in their health care
11/29/2012 Cancer pill targets previously impenetrable disease-causing gene mutation in leukemia patients
11/12/2012 Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center hosts free events to benefit those affected by diabetes
11/05/2012 5th Annual WECAN Esophageal Cancer Research Forum
11/05/2012 Noted author and entrepreneur to speak at Portland Art Museum
10/29/2012 OHSU first on West Coast to implant heart valve using newly approved technique
10/24/2012 OHSU researchers test new gene therapy method in human cells...and it works
10/16/2012 Dominique Eghlidi Receives First Place in Basic Science at The Healthy Aging Alliance Conference
10/10/2012 Human neural stem cells study offers new hope for children with fatal brain diseases
09/26/2012 Distinguished scientific expert on aging and longevity to speak at OHSU’s Second Annual Healthy Aging Conference
09/19/2012 David Huang, M.D., Ph.D. wins prestigious Champalimaud Foundation Vision Award
09/19/2012 Battling Parkinson’s disease: ‘keep moving’ and fight it with attitude
09/18/2012 OHSU announces Marquam Hill Lecture Series for 2012-13
09/18/2012 OHSU Casey Eye Institute inventor earns international award for advances in eye imaging
09/17/2012 Historic gift from Phil and Penny Knight establishes institute for cardiovascular research and care at OHSU
09/14/2012 Aaron Martin and Ramon Sison presented a conference course at ASRT
09/14/2012 OHSU Biomedical Engineers develop technique to determine the weight of particles so small, you need a microscope to see them
08/17/2012 Dr. Marquez is a co-author on article linking CSF shunting and hearing loss in children undergoing treatment for medulloblastoma
08/06/2012 Focus on partnership: FEI microscopes arrive on campus
08/06/2012 The story of how two FEI microscopes found a (temporary) home on the hill
08/01/2012 OHSU School of Dentistry partners with Oregon Academy of General Dentistry to reinvent continuing dental education offerings in Oregon
07/31/2012 OHSU Knight Cancer Institute recruits leader-elect of international clinical trial cooperative group
06/21/2012 Head of federal neurological disorder institute to speak June 25 at OHSU
06/07/2012 Neuroscience Of Aging Course To Be Offered 2012/13 Academic Year
05/29/2012 OHSU Oregon National Primate Research Center develops new, safer method for making vaccines
05/25/2012 Can we prevent Alzheimer’s? OHSU Brain Institute expert says ‘maybe’
05/04/2012 Study shows two medications that combat age-related blindness are similarly effective despite significant cost differences
05/03/2012 OHSU purchases blocks 23 and 27 in Portland’s South Waterfront district for future development
05/03/2012 OHSU responds to Medicaid agreement that will benefit countless Oregonians
04/30/2012 Two risk factors may be most relevant in determining when to start regular breast cancer screening
04/13/2012 Upcoming OHSU Ask the Health Experts Lectures
04/02/2012 What do ADHD and cancer have in common? Variety
03/29/2012 Science Rising on the Waterfront
03/07/2012 Dr. Albert Starr to Present the 2012 Mark O. Hatfield Lecture
02/08/2012 Author and expert to speak at OHSU: You can prevent Alzheimer’s
01/20/2012 OHSU/OUS Collaborative Life Sciences Building passes design review
12/21/2011 New Whitman Hospital CEO enjoys assembling the pieces
11/30/2011 OHSU study breaks new ground in understanding drug-induced deafness
11/17/2011 OHSU Technology Transfer Achieves Record Year for Industry-Sponsored Research
11/02/2011 New Electronic Books from Springer
10/24/2011 With Senior Population About to Skyrocket, OHSU Physicians, Researchers Team Up to Ensure Healthy Aging
10/17/2011 Small Group of Oregon Women Quietly Raises $1.4 Million for Promising Scientists-in-the-Making
10/13/2011 Oregon universities to create jobs, educational opportunities in new OUS/OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building
10/06/2011 OHSU Casey Eye Institute’s Popular Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Expo Takes place October 29
09/22/2011 Paper of the Month: Determinants of the HIV-1 core assembly pathway.
09/22/2011 OHSU Center for Health & Healing Achieves LEED EBOM Platinum Certification
09/13/2011 FEI, OHSU collaborate to create 'Living Lab for Cell Biology'
09/13/2011 FEI, OHSU partner to create a ‘Living Lab for Cell Biology’ with high-performance electron microscopes for disease research
09/02/2011 OHSU Announces Marquam Hill Lecture Series for 2011-12
08/26/2011 Paper of the Month: MS-like disease in macaques
08/17/2011 Dr. Steiner named Deputy Editor for the journal Genetics in Medicine
08/05/2011 OHSU's 'Ask the Health Experts' Lecture Series Resumes This Fall With New Topics
07/19/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: Rain, change and automobiles
07/05/2011 Paper of the Month: A mystery of the ear solved
07/01/2011 OHSU Staff and Monkeys Celebrate the Birthday of the Oldest Monkey at OHSU’S Oregon National Primate Research Center
06/30/2011 OHSU-led team discovers link between cancer, neurodegenerative diseases
06/28/2011 OHSU researchers discover MS-like disease in monkeys
05/27/2011 Drs. Biagioli and Steiner get muddy for multiple sclerosis
05/22/2011 Tomorrow's discoveries come to light at annual Student Research Forum
05/21/2011 Ten new scholars join alumni ranks of Portland Chapter, ARCS Foundation
05/19/2011 OHSU physicians provide more than medicine in aftermath of Japan disaster
05/13/2011 Five faculty scientists honored at VA Research Day 2011
05/03/2011 New Addition to Portland's South Waterfront: OHSU Office With a ‘Sound’ Business Model
04/26/2011 Paper of the Month: Study shows positive signs for repair of UV-induced DNA damage in skin cells
04/25/2011 Fernando and Dolores Leon: Partners in living and giving
04/25/2011 Dr. Nielson appointed Associate Scientific Advisor to the Science Translational Medicine journal
04/15/2011 Upcoming Topics for OHSU’s ‘Ask The Health Experts’ Lecture Series
03/22/2011 Dr. Barker awarded the 2011 Richard Doll Prize
03/18/2011 Neurological Surgery leads influx of highly qualified women into neurosurgical training
02/22/2011 Primary Care Review attracts over 300 to downtown Portland
02/09/2011 What Makes Fructose Fattening? OHSU Researchers Find Some Potential Clues in the Brain
02/09/2011 Dr. Richardson's remarks before the House Health Care Committee
02/08/2011 OHSU’s Free Spring Health Lecture Series Begins This Month
02/01/2011 Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation Board Elects New Members
01/26/2011 Dr. Primack appointed Interim Chair of Diagnostic Radiology; committee convened for national search for permanent chair 
01/21/2011 The public health army’s four-star general
01/19/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: Developing innovative leaders
01/18/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Named Center of Excellence for Batten Disease
01/14/2011 Dr. Conn honored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
01/13/2011 OHSU Primate Center Scientist Honored by One of World’s Largest, Oldest Scientific Societies
01/12/2011 Why I Teach – Suzanne Mitchell, PhD
01/10/2011 OHSU tests new fish oil/lipoic acid combination as Alzheimer's treatment
01/04/2011 The Physical Exam - Upholding a History of Front Line Work

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