Nora C. Mattek, MPH

Nora C. Mattek, MPH



Research Statistician, Oregon Center for Aging & Technology (ORCATECH)




Ms Mattek is a research statistician in the Data Core of the Layton Aging and Alzheimer’s Research Center. Her primary focus is analyzing the activity data collected from our Intelligent Systems for Assessment of Aging Changes Study (ISAAC). ISAAC is a unique and collaborative study that is the first large-scale project of its kind to study continuous assessment technologies in community homes. This five year study, funded by an NIH Biomedical Research Partnership Grant, is a collaborative effort among medical and engineering faculty and academic and industry partners. We hope to determine if continuous, unobtrusive assessment of physical activity and computer use detects incident memory decline; to develop new ways of detecting motor and cognitive change in these community settings; and to understand how information from these technologies could be used to help elders and to understand how elders and health care professionals view these technologies.



Rutgers University: B.A. 1998                  
Oregon Health & Science University, MPH 2005


Phone: 503 346-0824