Neuropathology Core

The Neuropathology Core at the Layton Aging & Alzheimer's Disease Center is dedicated to studying, through autopsy, the brains of individuals who have been followed longitudinally in the Oregon Alzheimer's Disease Center Clinical Core.

Our three purposes are:

  • We provide diagnostic information and autopsy reports that are based on the most current standardized criteria, to physicians and families of subjects who were enrolled in our research studies.
  • We support scientific investigations by collecting, storing and distributing samples of well-prepared brain tissue. We also provide neuropathologic data from longitudinally characterized patients with mild cognitive impairment/dementia as well as non-impaired control individuals.
  • We train and mentor individuals in the current methods of neuropathological classification of neurodegenerative diseases and age-related changes. These students come from the basic sciences as well as pathology, neurology, psychology, and psychiatry.

In 2003, the Neuropathology Core of the Alzheimer's Disease Centers at OHSU partnered with the Neuropathology Core at the University of Washington to create PANDA - The Pacific Northwest Dementia and Aging Neuropathology Group. This unique partnership enables these premier Northwest universities to standardize their methodology and to better serve the population of the region. An important component of PANDA is the Oregon Brain Bank (OBB). Through this program, brain autopsies are performed for diagnostic and research purposes. The Oregon Brain Bank is directed by Dr. Randy Woltjer. Learn more about brain tissue research

For further information about the Neuropathology Core, please contact Dr. Randy Woltjer at or 503 494-8276.