Data Core

Biostatistics and Data Management Core

The Data Core supports the mission of the Oregon Alzheimer's Disease Center (OADC) and all investigators in five key areas: 
Consultation  A biostatistician and/or data manager are available for consultation at every phase of a project (design, implementation, data collection, data entry and data analysis).

Collaboration  For certain projects, the biostatistician or data manager plays a more fundamental role, functioning as a collaborative co-investigator. S/he may write parts of formal funding applications as well as sections of research papers being submitted to professional journals.

Data Processing  The data manager oversees and organizes the collection of clinical and other study data, quality control, data entry and verification, data retrieval, database user training and documentation.

Data Retrieval and Analysis  The data manager will retrieve data found in our clinical database and format the data into data analysis files for the investigators. For certain projects, the biostatistician will assist in the analysis of the data, particularly if special statistical software is required. This includes writing and reviewing abstracts and other papers. 

Teaching  Teaching is an important responsibility of the biostatistician. The biostatistician gives individual tutorials in data analysis and offers educational seminars when requested by small groups.

Of paramount importance at all times is the maintenance of safe and efficient procedures for the collection and storage of center research data.

For further information about the Date Core, please contact Robin Guariglia, OADC Data Manager at or 503 494-6977.