Community Partners Council

Based on the 7 principles of participatory action research and true community involvement, the Community Partners Council (CPC) for the OHSU University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) represents the broad geographic, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, rural and urban makeup of the state of Oregon.

The CPC serves as a primary mechanism for the voices and needs of Oregonians with disabilities, health issues and their families, friends and supporters. The CPC assures, through interactive partnership with the UCEDD, that individual, group and community concerns and needs are related to and addressed by OIDD's five-year strategic plan and the ongoing work of all aspects of the UCEDD.

The CPC is open for membership to any Oregonian who experiences a disability, has family members with disabilities or have interest in the facilitation and supports of persons with disabilities and their families.

Please contact us for more information on the Community Partners Council.


CPC Mini-Grant Program **NEW**

We are pleased to announce our new mini-grant program to help create new opportunities in spirituality and sibling networking for the State of Oregon. Please check out the CPC Mini-Grant page for information on how to apply.

Join the Community Partners Council

Make a difference and partner with your peers and colleagues! Enhance the quality of life for Oregonians with disabilities and their family members through effective and meaningful research, outreach and leadership. For more information on how to join the Community Partners Council, please review the CPC membership forms.

Meet the Community Partners Council

Executive Committee:

CPC Members

Emily Holmes: Chair
Elizabeth (Beth) Brownhill - Vice Chair
Jerry Pattee - Secretary
Rob Wiesenthal - Treasurer

Josiah Barber
Cathy Blahut
Teresa Gomes
Heather Brooks
Kaaren Londahl