CPC Spirituality

University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)Community Partners Council Spirituality Initiative 

Who We Are

The UCEDD Spirituality Workgroup is a sub group of the Community Partners Council.   We work with the UCEDD to help improve the lives of Oregonians who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our Goal

The goal of this workgroup is to provide electronic and other resources that address the spiritual needs of Oregonians living with disabilities.

Current Projects:



What you will find: This table is a resource list for spiritual communities and individuals. For each link you will find a brief description of the resource in plain language. If a link is broken or you would like to add your organizations information, please notify us [here].




Interfaith Disabilities Network of Oregon (IDNO)

This organization shares an interfaith concern that people with disabilities are being included and welcomed within their spiritual communities. It is a group from a variety of traditions working to do three things:

(1) help people with disabilities find a more enthusiastic welcome in whichever religious community they wish to associate with, 

(2) educate religious communities on how to recognize the gifts of people with disabilities, and

(3) how to help create a more enthusiastic welcome to people with disabilities.


Quiet Waters

Quiet Waters Outreach (QWO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals with a wide variety of developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism, from different ethnic backgrounds, religions, financial statuses, ages and living situations


University of Oregon, UCEDD

Debra Eisert

Dr. Eisert has worked in partnership congregations within the Eugene/Springfield to offer workshops to educated Sunday School teachers and parents on how to effectively serve youth with disabilities.


Tuesday's Treasures

Supported by Tualatin Presbyterian Church

One of our most vital community missions is our Tuesday Treasure night. Our Tuesday Treasure night supports adults with developmental disabilities and their families. On the third Tuesday of the month our Treasures gather, and volunteers provide a snack, then participate with the Treasures in craft projects and worship.


Indigenous American Native Spirituality

Indigenous American Native spirituality has been practiced in North and South America since before recorded history.

The fundamental premise of all indigenous spirituality is to honor and respect Grandmother Earth (Matriarchal), Grandfather Sky (Patriarchal) and all of their descendants.


Religion and Spirituality Network of the AIDD

There is strong interest in the division to affirm and facilitate support of spirituality and congregational participation for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The consensus is that a key area of need is facilitating conversation with service providers to include spirituality and congregational participation supports in individual support plans.


Office of Catholic Deaf Ministry

The Office of Catholic Deaf Ministry has as its mission the support and encouragement of Deaf Catholic people in their faith lives.  Our programs enable members of the Deaf community to develop and share their gifts.  We work closely with our Deaf Pastoral Council to encourage leadership by the Deaf within the Catholic community and beyond.  At the basis of our ministry is a deep respect for Deaf people's language and culture.


Office for People with Disabilities, Catholic Archdiocese

Celebrating the gifts of all people by providing pastoral support, training, resources to enable the full participation of people with disabilities in the life of their faith community


L'Arche Portland

L'Arche Portland is a community of faith composed of people of different faith traditions, spiritual paths, and intellectual abilities.  We strive to live the teachings of Jesus, with a special emphasis on the Beatitudes.  We are committed to living intentionally out of the deeply spiritual dimension of life.