International BCI Meeting 2016 Virtual Forum of BCI Users: Request for Videos

Thank you for your interest in submitting a video for the Virtual Forum of BCI Users. The goals of the Forum are:

  • To explore what BCI means to potential users and how it can impact their lives.
  • To educate BCI researchers about who potential users are, how they use existing assistive technologies, and what they want from BCI technology.
  • To include the perspectives of potential users from around the world, with experience related to various BCI specialty areas (i.e. communication, stroke rehab, artistic expression, prosthetic control, invasive and noninvasive, different signals).
  • To highlight the participation of any potential users who are present at the BCI Meeting. If you know of any potential users who will be attending the BCI Meeting, we would love to have them participate in the Virtual Forum live. Please contact for details.

We will present videos of potential BCI users and/or their family members or care providers answering the question, "What does BCI mean to you?" This question is purposely open-ended, to allow the participants to focus on the topics most important to them.


Video Instructions:

Participants: Participants may include potential BCI users and/or their family members or care providers.

Consent: Since we are not conducting a systematic investigation and do not plan to analyze data obtained from the videos or produce a manuscript, we are not considering these contributions as human research. However, all participants must provide consent for their videos to be used for educational purposes at the BCI Meeting. Each team submitting a video will be responsible for complying with their university's research integrity policies. Your institution may have a standard media release form for this purpose. Each submitted video must be accompanied by documentation of consent for its educational use, signed by either the participant or his/her authorized representative. The videos will be used only during the 2016 BCI Meeting.

Content: Please ask your participant(s) the question, "What does BCI mean to you?" and record the response. Various types of responses will be accepted, including but not limited to:

  • A demonstration of BCI use to answer the question,
  • An example of something produced with BCI (music, art, text), or
  • A narrative response to the question, using the participant's preferred communication method. For participants using augmentative and alternative communication, please make an effort to show how the person currently communicates.

Length: We would prefer to limit videos to 5 minutes or shorter. You may edit your video to this length before submitting, or submit a longer video and allow us to edit it. Please do not submit any video longer than 15 minutes (exceptions may be granted for AAC users, please e-mail for more information).

Format: Please submit video files with one of the following extensions: .avi, .mov, or .mpeg.

Language: To encourage the participation of potential BCI users from around the world, we will accept videos in any language. However, teams submitting videos in a language other than English must provide an English translation and be prepared to assist us with adding English subtitles to the video.

How to submit: Please e-mail for submission instructions.

Deadline: Please indicate your interest in submitting a video by e-mailing . Videos and media release forms must be submitted by May 2, 2016.

Video Presentation Format:

Selected videos will be presented to all meeting attendees during the Virtual Forum of BCI Users. If we receive a large number of responses, additional videos will be shown during poster and demonstration sessions. At the virtual forum, one member of each team will be part of the presenting panel, and will briefly introduce the team's video(s). This team member will also be listed as an author of the Forum in the conference proceedings. Additional information will be provided to participating teams in early May.


Questions? Please e-mail .