Our Research

REKNEW Projects

Alzheimer's Disease - Our research on Alzheimer's Disease addresses the input mode or level of symbol that optimizes AAC device use for persons with moderate dementia.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Our ALS research examines the relationship between AAC technology use by persons with ALS and their caregiver's perception of role strain.

Dysarthria - Our research seeks to improve the intellibility of dysarthric speech by using voice recognition software.  

Locked-in Syndrome (BCI) - Our research is focused on developing an efficient and effective brain computer interface (BCI) system for persons with locked-in syndrome that serves as a communication system.

Primary Progressive Aphasia - Our research tests the extent to which AAC intervention is associated with changes in conversation for persons with primary progressive aphasia under controlled and natural situations.

Other Projects - A variety of other projects we are working on all dedicated to helping people reclaim expressive knowledge!