Locked-In Syndrome

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Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

Research seeks to develop an efficient and effective brain computer interface (BCI) system for persons with locked-in syndrome that serves as a communication system. We strive to improve the speed of the technology to increase communication rate, increase speed of message production, decrease error rate, and improve user satisfaction in a system that can be used for functional written and spoken expression.


Community Input

Here you will find articles and other writings from community members with LIS who are participating in our research.  You will also find newsletters featuring our research.


Communication Supports

We hope you will find these communication handouts helpful for those with minimal movement.



Every year we give presentations about the work we are doing. We have a diverse team who present on different aspects of the study.



Writing papers about our work is an important part of the research process. The papers you will find here have been included in conference proceedings and peer-reviewed journals.


Grant Abstracts

Here you will find short descriptions of the two grants that we are currently working on in BCI.


Resources and Links

Here you will find links to website resources that we find useful. We encourage research participants and their families to take a look.