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OODH's mission is to prevent secondary conditions and improve the health and quality of life of Oregonians with disabilities through improved access to health care facilities, public health programs, and effective health promotion and wellness programs.


The Oregon Office on Disability & Health (OODH) has been continuously funded as a Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) since 1994. We are a collaborative effort between Oregon Health & Science University, and the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division


During the next three years (2012-2014), the goals of the OODH are to promote and maximize health, prevent chronic disease, improve emergency preparedness, and increase the quality of life among the approximately, 900,000 people with disabilities in Oregon.

  • Enhance OODH and State program Infrastructure and Capacity
  • Improve Oregon Surveillance and Monitoring Activities
  • Increase Awareness of Health-related Disability Policy Initiatives in Oregon
  • Increase Health Promotion Opportunities for Oregonians with Disabilities
  • Improve Access to Health Care for Oregonians with Disabilities
  • Improve Emergency Preparedness among Oregonians with Disabilities
  • Effectively Monitor and Evaluate OODH Program Activities

Working closely with our State partners, agencies and programs, and our Disability Community Planning Group (DCPG) we will be building on our existing strengths from our previous experience and integrate our activities and products more completely into existing Oregon State programs.

OODH Spotlight

2014 Annual Report of the Health of People with Disabilities (PDF) To see past years' Chartbooks, go to our Surveillance page.

The Pulse of Oregon Report (PDF) is now available!

Check out what Oregonians with disabilities think are important priorities by looking at our Needs Assessment (PDF).

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