Elena Andresen 2-1 

Elena Andresen, PhD: Director

Elena is an epidemiologist who has participated in, and/or directed, over 30 funded programs and research activities and public health centers in the last 20 years.  Her work has also included substantive public health programmatic, service, and research in disability and health including serving as an advisor or expert on CDC surveillance on disability, caregiving, cognitive function, intellectual disability, and quality of life, Healthy People 2010 & 2020 for disability goals, and the Institute of Medicine Committee for "The Future of Disability in America." Elena also works closely with our University Center on Excellence in Disability (UCEDD), and is a representative to the Partners in Oregon for Disability Diversity (PODD).

Angela Weaver
Angela Weaver, MEd: Project Coordinator

Angela has been with the Oregon Office on Disability and Health (OODH) for the past 16 years and has built strong on-going relationships with Oregon's disability community, community based service providers, as well as county and state program representatives. Over the years she has successfully conducted numerous community-based health promotion and education activities including the Healthy Lifestyles workshops and Train-the-Trainer events; planned and hosted 10 annual state-wide health and wellness conferences for people with disabilities; and coordinated training for mammography technologists and other health care professionals. Angela also currently serves as: member of the Oregon Disability Commission; President of the Board of Directors for Inclusion Inc., a non-profit agency that provides case management services to adults with developmental disabilities; and a member of the NW ADA Center's Advisory Board. She is also a Master Trainer of Stanford’s Chronic Disease Self-Management curriculum and a Robert Wood Johnson Leadership Fellow.

 Willi Horner Johnson

Willi Horner-Johnson, PhD: Epidemiologist
Willi is a disability surveillance data expert who has been with OODH for the past 11 years. She has conducted activities related to disability specific Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data, including analyses of data to identify and understand health issues impacting people with disabilities in Oregon and nationally, and coordination of the inclusion of disability-related items on the Oregon BRFSS each year. Willi has also worked with the Oregon Healthy Teens Survey (Oregon's version of the YRBS) coordinator to include disability identifiers on the survey, and has analyzed and presented the data to elucidate health disparities between youth with and without disabilities. She also supervises the analysis of evaluation data to assess the effectiveness of OODH health promotion efforts. In addition, she is the PI of a CDC/AUCD funded project on health disparities impacting minorities with disabilities.
Photo of Justin Ross

Justin Ross, Emergency Preparedness Program Coordinator

Justin E. Ross comes from a background in Emergency Management.  His experience includes vulnerable populations emergency planning, crisis communication planning, radiological disaster planning, community outreach, and delivering of disaster preparedness trainings.  He holds a Professional Certificate in Emergency Management and a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management.

Currently Justin serves as the Chair of the Oregon Vulnerable Populations Emergency Planning Consortium, and is the Access and Functional Needs Lead on a local Emergency Sheltering Planning committee.  He also is a Community Emergency Response Team trainer.  He delivers technical assistance around emergency management related topics across the state as well as delivering disaster preparedness trainings.

Amy is a major contributor to several activities at the Oregon Office on Disability and Health. In addition to Amy's work at OODH she is a 2009 recipient of the "Making A Difference in Disability" award in the Youth Achievement Category, awarded by the City of Portland and the Portland Commission on Disability. In 2011, she wrote an article published in the National Gateway to Self-Determination: Research to Practice in Self Determination Series.