OODH Healthy Lifestyles Train the Trainer

Becoming a Certified Lead Trainer: What You Need to Know

Certified Lead Trainers are individuals who are authorized to conduct a Healthy Lifestyles workshop. To become a Certified Lead Trainer, you must have either successfully completed the training by Master Trainers at a Train the Trainer event or a Healthy Lifestyles workshop. Another way to receive certification as a Lead Trainer is to attend one Healthy Lifestyles workshop, co-facilitate two Healthy Lifestyles workshops, receive at least two formal evaluations, and submit a certification fee.

Why become a Certified Lead Trainer?

  • Received training for an effective, evidence-based health promotion program for people with disabilities.
  • Offer the program in your community.
  • Improve health behaviors and quality of life of people with disabilities.
  • Increase recognition for your organization.
  • Receive ongoing support and technical assistance from OODH staff (including help with your workshop evaluation, which will help you report the results to your funders for additional or continued funding).

Who can become a Certified Lead Trainer?

You can become a Certified Lead Trainer if you:

  • Have a disability or have experience, knowledge, or a family member with a disability OR
  • Are an individual with or without affiliation with a disability agency, state or local health department, community center, or a senior center AND
  • Have attended and satisfactorily completed the Train the Trainer program AND
  • Plan to conduct a Healthy Lifestyles workshop and support groups in the next 12 months

How can you become a Certified Lead Trainer?

You can become a Certified Lead Trainer by attending the completing the Healthy Lifestyles Train the Trainer program.

Training for Healthy Lifestyles Program

We offer several different options to train for the Healthy Lifestyles program. An individual is certified to become a Lead Trainer following successful completion of:

  • Healthy Lifestyles Train the Trainer event or
  • attending the Healthy Lifestyles workshop taught by a Master Trainer.

Train the Trainer (we visit you):

In this type of training, a Master Trainer and a Certified Lead Trainer will travel to your area and provide an in-depth, three-day training on the Healthy Lifestyles Program. All necessary materials are provided at the training, including the curriculum, supplemental handouts, planning materials, and the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. The Train the Trainer event is delivered in a format similar to a Healthy Lifestyles workshop. The trainees are provided with health and wellness information and are asked to participate in large and small group discussions and hands-on activities. Furthermore, after each presentation and/or activity, the trainers take time to debrief and discuss the information and/or activities with the trainees as well as share additional insights, tips, and strategies that they have found to be particularly helpful. This approach to conducting the training has been proven to be very successful, as it gives a first hand, experiential feel for how the workshop is administered. About 20-25 individuals can be trained at the same time.

Train the Trainer event expenses include: travel, transportation, lodging, and meal per diem for the Master Trainer and Lead Trainer, curriculum for all trainees, instructional and licensing fees.

Healthy Lifestyles Workshop (you visit us):

Each year, we conduct several workshops in Oregon. Interested individuals can attend a 3-day Healthy Lifestyles workshop conducted by a Master Trainer and Lead Trainer and obtain hands on, real experience. An additional hour of training is required at the end of each day and/or over the lunch hour. There is a limit to the number of individuals who can attend. Participation is on a first come, first served basis.

The cost of training is $200-$500 per person and includes instructional fees, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and all training materials except for the Healthy Lifestyles curriculum, which is $50 extra. Training participants will have to make arrangements and pay for their travel, lodging, and additional meals.

If you are unable to attend a Train the Trainer event or a Healthy Lifestyles workshop:

You can become a Certified Lead Trainer by attending one Healthy Lifestyles workshop, co-facilitating two Healthy Lifestyles workshops, and receiving at least two positive formal evaluations by a Certified Lead Trainer. After meeting these requirements, you must submit the materials to OODH to receive a Certified Lead Trainer certificate.

Obtaining a License

Once you are a Certified Lead Trainer, an individual or an organization must obtain a license in order to conduct a Healthy Lifestyles workshop. The fee is $300 but is negotiable based on the resources of the agency. There may be more than one Certified Lead Trainer per organization, but only one license applies. A license is a written agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between an individual or an organization and OODH that allows the individual or organization to conduct one or more Healthy Lifestyles workshops upon meeting program requirements.

  • A valid license is required to host one or more workshops.
  • License must be obtained at least 3 weeks before the workshop.
  • The license is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.
  • Only one license is needed per organization, even if the organization has more than one trainer.
  • Organizational fee for obtaining a license is on a sliding scale, depending on the organization's available resources.
  • If an individual is not associated with an organization and plans to host a workshop, they need to apply for an individual license. The fee for an individual license is negotiable.

Contact Information

If you are interested in any of the training options, please contact Angela Weaver at 503-494-1205 or email her at

Training materials and forms are available in accessible formats upon request.

Depending upon availability, there may be an additional cost for the evaluations.