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People with disabilities can and do live healthy lives. Like most people, many individuals with disabilities can benefit from increasing their knowledge and skills about how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Since 2001, an innovative and fun program called Healthy Lifestyles for People with Disabilities has provided people with disabilities with the knowledge, skills and resources to create a healthy lifestyle. The Healthy Lifestyles workshop is a  3-day workshop that takes a holistic approach to health and provides workshop attendees with opportunities to:

  • Explore the meaning of wellness
  • Set wellness goals
  • Learn from peers and make new friends
  • Experience yoga, low impact exercise and massage
  • Benefit from on-going support for up to 6 months upon completing the workshop

Healthy Lifestyles is an evidence-based program. Read more about the program development of the  Healthy Lifestyles curriculum. OODH offers Train-the-Trainer events for people and organizations interested in implementing the Healthy Lifestyles curriculum. Certified Healthy Lifestyles Trainers are in several states throughout the United States, including Washington, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Florida, Connecticut, Ohio, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Arkansas and Utah . If you want to become a certified trainer and/or to learn more about our Train-the-Trainer events, please

**If you are interested  in reviewing the Healthy Lifestyles Curriculum you can purchase the Curriculum for $75.00. You will receive the training guide but not all the supplemental materials.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of our funders, has also partnered with Million Hearts and Eating Well Magazine to create a heart-healthy nutrition resource available online! Check out the Million Hearts Heart-Healthy Recipe Guide (new window) and continue your new-found Healthy Lifestyle with some tasty new recipes!

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