Submission Deadlines


The PI is responsible for adhering to all IDD and OHSU
Submission Deadlines


To assist the PI in meeting submission deadlines, the Submission Deadlines chart is provided to the PI.  The chart lists the deadlines that submission materials are due to IRO, RGC, and Funder. RGC has developed the Service Level Understanding (SLU), which outlines their services and responsibilities to assist the PI in timely sumitting a grant.   The PI is responsible for meeting IRO deadlines and especially RGC's deadlines, as outlined in its SLU Quick Guide.


  1. PI completes and submits PI Checklist to their grants analyst
  2. PI schedules Face-to-Face Meeting with their grants analyst
  3. The grants analyst confirms receipt of PI Checklist and meeting date/time
  4. PI and the grants analyst conduct face-to-face meeting and review the RFP, submission deadlines, budget, and required submission documents.
  5. PI is responsible for following the timeline as listed on their submitted PI Checklist.
  6. NOTE: If OHSU will be a subaward on another institution's application (incoming suubaward), the submission deadline is based on the date that the prime applicant requires their PI to submit material to the Pre-Award Office of the prime applicant, not the Funder deadline.
  7. RGC reviews submission material and either:
    1. Submits the application to Funder (i.e., submissions and InfoEd).
    2. Gives approval for PI to submit required material to Funder.
    3. Returns the signed face page for the PI to submit to the Funder

The PI is responsible for adhering to all IDD and OHSU Submission Deadlines