GCO Submission Deadlines

Actions taken will follow the timeline below:

Days to Submission Action
>15 Business Days

Application will be reviewed and routed.

14-10 Business Days

Application will not be priority

Application may not be reviewed and routed in time to submit to RGC.

< 10 Business Days

If materials are received in fewer than 10 days, the application will not be processed by GCO.

PI cannot submit the application.

PI must submit to GCO:

  • By Noon 15 business days before funder due date:
    1. Completed PI Checklist
    2. PPQ (electronic and PI-signed hardcopy)
    3. Budget
    4. Abstract
    5. Other required forms as necessary
  • by Noon 10 business days before funder due date:
    1. Finals of all submission documents and draft of research plan.
  • By Noon 3 business days before funder due date (if applicable):
    1. FINAL of all materials due to RGC via GCO (if RGC submitting application)
    • This is a University-enforced, absolute deadline