IRO Proposed Project Questionnaire


The PI is responsible for adhering to all CDRC and OHSU Submission Deadlines


The Proposed Project Questionnaire (PPQ) is an internal OHSU document that is required for all new funding applications, renewals for funding (i.e., non-competing renewals, annual progress reports), amendments / supplements, Incoming Subawards, and any request for funding.

The PPQ is not required for no-cost extensions, carry-over requests, outgoing subawards, nor personal service contracts. Please see appropriate page for those procedures.

Remember, a signed PPQ is due to the PI's grants analyst office by noon 15 business days before the grant is due!

See the Submission Deadlines page for more information.



  • PI completes and submits PI Checklist  to the PI's grants analyst.
  • PI downloads and completes a current PPQ.  Please note the following:
    • Answer each question
    • Include project title and funder.
    • Do not use abbreviations for Funder's name; spell out entire Funder's name
    • Project title on the PPQ must match the project title listed on all submission document
    • Project title must be the same on subsequent years' PPQ for the same grant
    • Include project short title and award title
    • If OHSU will be a subaward on another institution's application (Incoming Subaward), the due date is based on the date that the prime applicant requires their PI to submit material to their Pre-Award Office, not the Funder's deadline.
    • PI should list last name, first name, and degrees

PI provides the following to GCO at least 15 business days before the due date:

  • Completed PI Checklist
  • PPQ (electronic and PI-signed hard copy)
  • Budget
  • Abstract
  • Other required forms as necessary

IRO routes PPQ for appropriate signatures. For all new funding applications, RGC requires signatures from the PI, the Chair/Director, and Mark Richardson, Dean, SOM.  Applications may also require approval from the Division Head, Vice Chairs/Associate Directors, and Kevin O'Boyle, Integrated Department Administrator.

If the application is requesting personnel from outside the PI's department to work on the project, the PPQ will need to be routed to all involved department(s) for approval.

It is the PI's responsibility to ensure the IRO has enough time to route the PPQ to all necessary approvers to meet RGC deadlines.