Grants - Outgoing Subawards


OHSU issues Outgoing Subawards (sub out) when another entity (i.e. Federal or State organization) is to perform a part of a grant's scope of work. During the Pre-Award submission phase, OHSU indicates our willingness to collaborate on the project, and when funded, a Subcontract is negotiated and executed by RGC.

The CDRC Outgoing Subaward Flowchart Process provides an illustrated overview of Outgoing Subawards during Pre and Post-Award.


  1. PI provides contact information for the Subaward PI's Grants and Contracts Office to GCO.
  2. PI can use the Outgoing Subaward Checklist to assist in gathering required information and documents during Pre-Award.
  3. PI compiles Subaward documents (as required in the Funder's RFP) and submits the following to GCO to be included in the 10 day review material to RGC:
    • Letter of Intent signed by Subawardee Signatory ( this is NOT required for subsequent years)
    • Scope of work
    • Detailed Budget for all years
    • Subawardee Federally Negotiated F&A Agreement Letter
    • Budget Justification
    • Biosketches for all Key Personnel
    • Other documents as applicable