Grants - Incoming Subawards


For Incoming Subawards (Sub in), OHSU is the secondary applicant; a prime applicant, or pass-through organization, will issue a subcontract to OHSU to conduct a portion of the project's scope of work.

Incoming subawards are treated as full applications for funding.


  • RFP/PA/Guidance
  • Completed and Signed PPQ
  • OHSU Budget
  • OHSU Scope of Work
  • Other documents as applicable (e.g. biosketches, budget justifications)


  1. PI completes and submits PI Checklist to GCO
  2. PI schedules Face-to-Face Meeting with GCO
  3. GCO confirms receipt of PI Checklist and meeting date/time
  4. GCO drafts Timeline to Submission
  5. PI and GCO conduct Face-to-Face Meeting and review RFP, Timeline to Submission, budget, and required submission documents
  6. The Timeline to Submission for Incoming Subawards is based on the date that the prime applicant requires their PI to submit material to their Pre-Award Office, not the funder deadline.
  7. The PI is responsible for following the timeline as listed on their submitted PI Checklist.
  8. RGC reviews submission material and gives approval for PI to submit required material to prime applicant



  1. Each subsequent year of the project, all Pre-Award processes (PPQ, Timeline to Submission deadlines, etc) are required as determined by the prime applicant and Funder.
  2. It is the responsibility of the PI and the GCO to follow-up with the prime applicant to initiate amendment to the agreement.
  3. PI and GCO determine if Subaward/Contract Account Continuation Request should be made if the Incoming Subaward or contract will be amended to add additional funds and/or time but the amendment has not yet been executed.