OHSU Foundation Clearance Requests



All applications to a Non-Profit or Non-Federal institution must first be approved and cleared for submission by the OHSU Foundation. Many funding organizations restrict the number of applications from any given institution, therefore limited submissions must be coordinated, starting with the submission of the OHSU Foundation Clearance Request & Proposal Tracking Form.


  1. PI confirms whether Foundation Clearance is necessary via RDA's Funding Opportunities Database as follows:
    1. Enter Funder name or keyword into field in database
    2. Views returned data; finds funding opportunity and views right hand column "Internal Coordination Required" to confirm if Foundation Clearance Form is required
  2. If required, PI completes OHSU Foundation Clearance Request & Proposal Tracking Form
  3. PI submits the completed form to ohsufcfr@ohsu.edu, and cc: Nancy Robinson Alfaro
    (alfaron@ohsu.edu) in GCO, and Danny Stockdale (stockdal@ohsu.edu) in RGC.
  4. The OHSU Foundation processes and contacts the PI, RGC, and GCO within a few days after receiving the Foundation Clearance Request Form whether the PI is cleared to submit or not.



The OHSU Foundation